Introducing Karma Protocol:
A Revolutionary Prediction Market Development, Driven by Community.

Built on Sui and leveraging Move Technology, we offer an Innovative Solution to enhance the Development of Prediction Markets within the Sui Ecosystem.

  • Community-Driven
  • Fully On-Chain
  • Inscriptions bind $SUI and $MOVE
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Karma Protocol leverages $SUI, $MOVE, and $KART for enhanced asset support and growth. We enable the community to initiate prediction events and utilize smart inscriptions as tools for engagement, foster a community-driven ecosystem growth and interaction.

KarmaPi aims to broaden the ecosystem partnerships, fulfilling a vision of comprehensive fully on-chain ecosystem interaction. From a community-driven development of prediction market, aiming to build a mutually beneficial community across the entire blockchain.

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Karma Protocol is ready to introduce the first major asset: Kartscription. This innovative asset on the Sui blockchain presents a unique blend of NFTs, coins, predictive tools, and gaming elements through a new concept known as a bidirectional graph-token. This makes Kartscription a game-changer in how we interact with digital assets

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Karma Prediction Market

Karma Prediction Market empowers the community to start and engage in diverse prediction events, from financial markets to sports and global trends. It encourages participation with $KART tokens, turning participants into contributors. Accurate predictions earn rewards, celebrating collective insight. This model promotes community-driven events, enhancing engagement and innovation in the ecosystem.

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KarmaPi Genesis Arcana NFTs

The Genesis Series features 9,999 NFTs across diverse themes, including Tarot Cards, Zodiac series, mythological series of various cultures and more, each embodying the rich cultural wisdom of human heritage.

KarmaPi genesis NFT holders enjoy exclusive community access and benefits, with each NFT's rarity and mana power determining their engagement and rewards in future events. This ensures each NFT not only a piece of art but a key to unique opportunities and experiences.

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December 23
  • Launch of EVM Genesis NFT Sales
Q1 2024
  • Release of the Initial Product Version
Q2 2024
  • Expansion into Consumer Services, including Community Building and Node Operations
Q3 2024
  • Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Listing on Exchanges
Q4 2024
  • Deployment of Version 4, Introducing Fully On-Chain Gaming Events
Q1 2025
  • Introduction of Business-to-Business (B2B) Services
Q2 2025
  • Geographic and Linguistic Expansion across Multiple Regions
Q3 2025
  • Mass adoption through traditional media


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